“We feel that Jane Bennett Care Services provides excellent care, well above others we hear about, and we have no complaints whatever.”



“I cannot praise Jane Bennett Care Services and her team highly enough. Mum is looked after in such a superb way that I no longer worry about having to call in to ‘top-up’ her care – I can visit and know that everything will have been done, her home will be clean, tidy and safe and that she herself is as well as she can be despite her illness. On top of this are the additional little touches that her carers do – flowers on Valentine’s Day and a present from holiday all make Mum feel as if she has some new friends. Mum is remembering their names – probably because the ‘connection’ is there but also because she has far fewer carers and she can actually recognise and remember them.”



“I am delighted to recommend Jane Bennett Care Services and her team. They have been instrumental in enabling my elderly parents-in-law to lead as normal a life as possible and most importantly in their own home.”



“Jane Bennett Care Service’s level of care and attention was exemplary. Jane managed to create worry free, friendly, kind environment whilst still maintaining a perfect eye for detail and setting the highest standards. She worked perfectly with other professional bodies and made sure that they operated to a similar level... I must also add that her help extended to friends and family, for which I am extremely grateful. I cannot recommend her services enough.”


“From the first I was impressed by Jane’s belief that her clients should receive the same high standard of care that she would wish for her own parents. She insists on respect and dignity in all aspects of care with an emphasis on responding to the needs and requirements of the individual.”



“Jane has a small team of handpicked carers who work well together, and she expects the highest standards from her team. I have found all of Jane’s carers to share Jane’s high levels of compassion, efficiency and professionalism. Jane and her team are totally reliable. They arrive on time, many of them come early, a full hand-over is given and they have stayed late should circumstances require it.”



“Jane Bennett Care Services are able to provide the highest quality of care which without a doubt has enabled people to stay in their own homes for much longer than they would have otherwise been able to.”



“I can say without a doubt that I implicitly trust Jane; she is professional, knowledgeable and empathetic to all her clients. Jane provides care which is both supportive to the person and their families but which builds on the positives and capabilities of the person. This is what ‘person centred’ care is all about, but not seen often enough.”



“The team is totally trustworthy and reliable, covering for each other whenever needed, and, even during the bad weather of winter months, has not let (client) down.”



“I have used the services of other care agencies in the past and I cannot speak highly enough of Jane Bennett Care Services. Her knowledge, experience and belief in high standards mean that she provides care of the highest level.”



“Jane Bennett Care Services helped me through the complicated procedures of contacting different organisations within the Social Services and the NHS in order to provide the services and equipment that Mum needed to be cared for at home. In most instances Jane dealt with these negotiations herself. Her knowledge and tact when dealing with these organisations resulted in a properly equipped home, in which Mum can be cared for safely and with ease.”



“Jane Bennett Care Services established a routine of care tailored to Mum and ensures that all of the carers adhere to it in order to provide continuity of care.”



“Care plans, medication charts and daily notes are constantly updated and reviewed and provide invaluable information to each of the carers and to me.”



“Hygiene and cleanliness are at the highest level.”



“Jane’s carers show her great respect and loyalty and she is consulted on all matters both large and small. This ensures that Jane always has a complete picture of Mum’s care and well-being. I am consulted at all times about any changes or aspects of Mum’s care.”



“There have been three regular carers with a fourth available very occasionally if it has been necessary during holidays or illness. They are all of an extremely high calibre and there has been no fault to find with any of them. They are polite, friendly, efficient and all have a kindly manner. They are very punctual and Jane Bennett always let us know if they are going to be unavoidably delayed, which very rarely happens. We have also always been informed on the very rare occasion when it has been necessary to send a different carer from the one expected, but an unknown carer has never been sent to us.”


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